Number of the day: 9

I'm in now way trying to be paranoid. I'm watching out for signs

6:30AM (6+3+0) The exact time I went inside the car
First car I saw had a number 9 on its plate.
"His" Chair is No. 29
"His" bag has an inverted 9
 OMW Home...
Passed by a cap with 299 plate
Passed by a store who sells camera 499, 599 and 699 a month

Wink and Sit.


I love this day more than anything else
Second day of bringing back of memoirs. Played dota with colleagues.
Especially thelast part

touched my hands
closed the same
talked that way
bid bye more way

im weird today!

true enough


What to feel

I don't know if D is really "in love" or not.
But the letter states them all.
Believe or not to believe?
I've received 3 letters.
I lost the first.

I don't know. I wasn't actually expecting for the letter to show up inside my claydoh.
It's with a white jasmin flower.
How come Lou knew it? LOUL

I'm at awe.

But .... N it's N. Forever

Happy Valentines Day


I sat with him awhile ago, though he don't know how happy I really was. LOL
Ate in front of him walked with them and placed myself beside him.
Felt the worst feeling .. seating beside someone you love that you know you'll never be with in your whole life (except if miracles happen)

I'm here again.

2 days straight

I seriously don't know where to start  ... I miss blogging ... since Twitter is there for mega updates, it didn't require me to have 500 characters for an update. Maybe I should start from scratch again.  Past the realm of pessimism ...I need to concentrate on my studies this coming academic year, plus, if Mr. Balance will be the adviser of st. catherine, ohhhh ...I don't know what to do ... Imagine, he'll always keep an eye on me. And every judgement of  teachers will fall upon my editorship. :( 
And my future classmates ...

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How to do the aspirin mask?

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Start of with a clear skin canvass.

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Then leave on for 10 minutes. Then rinse with cool water. By doing so you're not just clearing out your face, but also helps in the whitening process.

It's advisable to use Aspirin mask once or twice a week. You don't want your skin to be dependent on the aspirin mask. If irritation occurs ... consult your doctor and stop using aspirin mask.

Derma WHAT?

So today I went to a dermatologist to have my scalp checked. I didn't know that I need to talk to the girl on the counter if I'll have facial or to have a consultation to the dermatologist. I had no idea at all, so I wrote on the "FACIAL" section (it wasn't indicated that it was for facial, it's just a sheet of paper with names). I waited for two hours just for a prescription. That was so pathetic. My mom got mad at the assistant there, because she was reasoning out the we should have asked. She sucks, seriously, she kept on using her cellphone when we arrived there. I don't know who's fault it is. Darn it!

And, I got the Junior Associate Editor position! I'm so happy and proud of myself.