New Ambiance.

After our quiz, our seats was transferred. I only have one complain about my new seating arrangement. I can't blatantly see what's written on the white board. I heard "Omg Liezl!", I'm barely sure Xinia was the one who said that. Well “Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself. “

So, I'm planning to talk with Ms. Gutierrez with my new seating arrangement. Hopefully, that will be tomorrow. The quiz in math was a real bummer, but this time it was in a form of multiple choice. Ateneo Eaglets won victory over UST Tiger Cubs. That's lame.

Past the realm of those things I recently saw this, and I felt in love.

Coming 2010

During my exam in Math, Sir Caguioa was talking about someone who spoke oddly to a student. It was a mystery, and the suspect was my classmate. My dad will be going to Korea today and I feel happy about that. Another Battle will start tomorrow, and I'll hopefully overcome that. I haven't been pissed for ages, no smoke and no alcohols. I'm sorting out my life now. Plus, I'm annoyed today.


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