Club Day

Today's our club day, our class is set to 25 minutes per subject. Everything was obscure, Maye was absent and the herd was really quiet at all. No rootbeer for the day because of Maye's absence. The quiz is math is a bummer, I can't say anything except for it's really hard.

I was totally dismayed about the news during Filipino time. We can't absolutely speak English during Filipino time, and for every syllable in English will cost P1. That's sick. My classmate recorded all the words that I spoke in English. That was 15 words times 89 syllables. Mm, Enigmatic.

The club day was also boring, well we just wrote an article about the sports writing thing and I got (V.G.!!). Nothing new. I did something self-loathing during scouting, shouting and everything. Lorenzo was flaming in fire mad at the scouting commander. The scouting commander was a bitch though, we are letting him discuss but he won't. He got pissed then did a Disciplinary Action, 25 bombers, 30 bombers, 35 bombers, I just said What the fuck.

I'm planning to watch the game tomorrow, with Queenie and Bea.

Kudos to me for being good to day.


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