Dauntless from the sky

I watched the game of UST TIGER CUBS against ATENEO EAGLETS, and you know what? we lost. That was fucking ridiculous. The game was pospotned for minutes because of some technical problems. Catching up a bus was really difficult. Me and my friends walked from UST to FEU just to get some bus. We weren't that successful at all, we had many fail attempts. After we arrived at SAN JUAN GYM, the game of FEU and DLSU were still going, so we waited for a few minutes, fuck people, eat shit and crack chips.

Everyone was cheering for UST, for we had countless of crowd than Ateneo. I was pretty bored during the 1st Period. But down to the last minutes and seconds of the game, it seems like UST is running down. With the score of 66-72, Ateneo won over us. Some of the thomasians were dismayed, and I don't really care at all.

We went straight to the bus of the 3rd year students. And yes, no fare at all. Much love, I lied three times again. Smoked twice and used drugs 1 time. Haha.

Tomorrow's our recollection and I don't feel like going there.



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