Necessary Evils

Hangover brainaches. I might not write a blog post later for our internet connection is puked again. What a judgemental sanctimonious horse-scheisse day. They decided for us to go straight to UST for safety measures. Again, we went straight to the flood and walked there. Always late but worth the wait. There were many students in UST-HS, All waiting for the sun to rise and the water to be drained. It was a human instinct, thinking is a necessary evil.

When Bea's dad arrived I told her that I'll go with them, also with Maye. Then I went straight home. With the great adversity of the flood, it took me 30 minutes until I found my way home. In the doors of casualties I thought I'm in a constant warzone. Haha. Skating tournament moved on December. Sighs. I'm effin speechless. I'm planning to organize catwalks soon. Plus, MAC is not available in Philippines. How awkward.

"Add a slice of absurdity, four cubes of laughter and a cynical twist. Serve chilled. "


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