There is no place like home

The cold wind breeze made me think twice in going to Almira's game. The rain was very strong when we arrived at UE Gym. It was a very easy game for the Volleyball Girls team to win victory over the UE Red Warriors. I think it was (3-0), Ust being the champion. It was an unforgettable experience when we went home. It took us 30 minutes in finding the dorm. Then we stayed on a dorm (Thanks God!). I tried to dry myself but I can't. The flood was great, with coackroaches and swimming rats. Ms. Lynn separated the boys and girlls. The girls was on 2nd floor and the boys was on the 4th. I was with 3 teachers (Including Mr. Caparas and Sir Guevarra), Kuya Nemo, Barros, Bonus and 2 boys who's not familiar to my eyes.

The ambiance was self-loathing plus there was no Electricity. We were all wet. Of course the smell is bad. I was terribly thinking that I can go home, swim in the river and reach makati. I really felt bad. I realized that there is really no place like home.

At night, I didn't sleep. someone was snoring. No coffee, no bread, no news papers, no laptop, no cellphone, no water. Boring. But it was a great experience though. Well, it's all the matters in the end.


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