Our Principal will observe us during Values Education tomorrow. It was par of course this days, but we'll be on a par with the Best. I remember awhile ago when Sir Castro told us something. I just heard it and eventually it went outside my left ear. My relative standing of things is very unfavorable. It was an AVERAGE MERIT. My caliber has gone from normality to above average. Well I think, I am a better person now.

I'm having my labret done by tomorrow, because many dickheads has been requesting it. Pictures later. This is what I really feel now: emotion-20.gif sleepy image by na1 , tired and exhausted. I'm gaining more weight and it's a big problem in my modeling career. If I'll be at 70-80 pounds the artistic nude will look ugly and photographers will buy bs's alot. So I am now finding an esoteric society of models and photographers that will satisfy their eyes and starvation of a good photograph.

I just finished teaching my brother Speech, and he really slacks off alot. I would have surely died now without fridays on my side. I guess this post will do. Goodnight. Goodluck for tomorrow. I hope our class would NOT show off our BEST just because someone will observe us.


Anonymous said...

Ang galing. Haha na a-maze ako grabeh.

Joseph Cawley said...

Tin ikaw ba yan? Aha

Anonymous said...

gling. nakakadugo tlga mga post mo. :]
good luck sa inyo tomorrow.

Joseph Cawley said...


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