Unorthodox Witch

Nothing new happened today, I just figured out Two (2) Plastic Cups in our room. And I really hate that, instead of self-loathing it's an orthodox of sin and deserve the eternal judgment. Like what I said in my older post "Reputation is what others know about you, Honor is what you know about you". We are the only class who watched Almira's game, and fiercely they won. Everyone was happy, the UE students were like sluts, wearing very bad make-up plus a stud high heels. Obviously no style. Plus, we walk on our way to UST HS, it was a good experience though.

I recently bought 5 needles today, I have a medical appointment today. When the Principal (Msr. Tolentino) observed us, she was really somnolent at all, her eyes are twinking. I put tarot on my mind during values education. I was doing something not very obvious. One thing more, during the Homeroom activity something fishy blunt out. And I really hate that. I'm posting facts here, not lies and I reprimand to be frank at the commencement, of course they won't like me, I'm someone talked about. All I can say is they are barbaric "Keep talking shit, you're making me famous".

Pissed off. It's Wicca day.

- Joseph.


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