Sweet kisses are deadly


A bad make up will always be a bad make up. I'm motha fucking happy today, except for two bitter cups. It's lame. He and She kissed inside our classroom, not just once but twice. They were so sweet. He even wore the necklace to her. Everyone gave their own incredulous whoop. Nothing new happened today, except that Lorenzo, Daniel, Jon and I talked about crazy porns. I had a very good convo with them. I can barely relate to everything.

I tried to study that make up tutorial above. And what I did was a perfect one, all I need is more practice. "Practice makes perfect". All I need is a filthy wig and a hat and beyond that, you'll be in love with my new photo as a Mad hatter. I'll write again later, I'm a not just tired, but I'm really effin tired. Anyway, that tatoo belongs to me : ]

Hooray for my 760 views.


Jasna said...

That was 1000 views, with just approximately 10 post. Keep blogging man.

Plus, I liked this post.

Anonymous said...

Crazy porns. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I like this post, I hope I can see you as a "Mad hatter".


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