October Suicide

We went to PAGCOR today to watch Flow: A celebration of Life and Rhythm. Today, Bea lost my Parental consent. But I know in myself that I really gave her that one, since before I was seated right her with maye. During Biology I didn't hear that Ms. Rosales was keep on saying my name twice, and thrice until she finally shouted and I heard it. It was mandatory for us to surrender our cellphones. But Edrick and Lorenzo didn't. I think that was polite. Aha. During lunch time everyone was persuasive. The boys were playing basketball inside our room and Mvin was an absolute Looser. He was like a voodoo doll. When Mvin was already holding the paper ball, he threw it Jared jumped on him and did some crazy stuffs. The boys followed what Jared did. Almira threw a bottle of Ice tea to Mvin while facing backwards, same with Queenie who threw him the blackboard eraser. It was an experience never to forget. I heard one of my classmates said "Ganito kasaya sa Bertha". 


We were separated, boys in one bus girls on the other bus. Our class is with Saint Barbara. Inside the boys all of us is very noisy. Deraj showed me his filthy creature in the ebony deck. Earl was a total nerdy. During the show, I was a seat apart from Ma'am Vivas. I enjoyed the show. My friend Regina was there on the show. She was ultimately awesome, I didn't know that she was a gymnast. The spin head exhibition was very mundane. What made it awesome was they were like on a rope flying and twisting up there (head spin is different from spin-head). I think the girls who was dancing "Flash Dance" was a tranny. Jared suddenly lost his cellphone inside the bus. He was panicking and I told him not to tell Ms. Gutierrez about it. There were students from St. Barbara who helped us, it was Geo and another one from St. Agnes before. When Dan said that "Ako na nga ang hahanap", He found and and said "Ang t*t*ng* naman kanina pa kayo hanap ng hanpa sa ilalim ng upuan ako na kanakita". Jared was now happy. And he sucks. It was already late 7:30 when I arrived home.



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I am not nerdy and btw...... you're gay!!!

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