Rush Puppies

I'm rushing all our projects today. The La Naval mass was okay. There was a crazy psycho who sat behind Von Valdez. And there was a crying lady at my back. Ms. Magaoay was pissed off today, out of three groups only one presented. That was gawfick. And it's our fault. Nini said something bad against me. But not in front of me but in front of others. I wonder why she can't directly say it to my face. That's so plastic. And Nini even had the guts to say that Sonya was a flirt. I'm now obliged to clean my shoes every day, sighs. I think I lost my Ture Blood and without seeing the dawn book.

I need to train atleast 7 hours a day for the nationals. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's mandatory for me and my team mates. This Friday will be the show of "Flow", and I think it's great. Plus I hope that I won't have boring seatmates. I'm pissed off with Eunice. Period.

My convo for today:

[20:00] narris.carmilla: :)
[20:01] kihrus.aishiteru: hi :D
[20:01] narris.carmilla: alam mo na bang sa nov. 14 na ulit ung concert?

[20:01] kihrus.aishiteru: ohh di pa ngayon ko palang nalaman :)))
[20:01] kihrus.aishiteru: ROCK ON!
[20:02] narris.carmilla: : ]
[20:02] narris.carmilla: kasama ata si david archuleta eh
[20:02] kihrus.aishiteru: ohh XD
[20:02] kihrus.aishiteru: :))) ^__^
[20:02] kihrus.aishiteru: wow naman ah
[20:04] narris.carmilla: :)
[20:04] kihrus.aishiteru: ^__^ :D
[20:04] narris.carmilla: belated nga pala.
[20:04] kihrus.aishiteru: XD
[20:04] narris.carmilla: ::)
[20:05] kihrus.aishiteru: yiiieee naman thanks ah
[20:05] kihrus.aishiteru: XD
[20:05] narris.carmilla: :) di ka kasi online nung day na un eh :)))
[20:06] kihrus.aishiteru: ahh XD
[20:06] kihrus.aishiteru: sinisi pa ako :)) JOKE ^__^
[20:06] narris.carmilla: HAHHAA
[20:06] narris.carmilla: :))
[20:06] narris.carmilla: :)
[20:07] kihrus.aishiteru: XD ^__^
[20:07] kihrus.aishiteru: regalo ko :))) JOKE
[20:07] narris.carmilla: haha
[20:07] narris.carmilla: pupunta ka ba sa 14?

[20:09] kihrus.aishiteru: baka ewan ko bahala na XD
[20:09] kihrus.aishiteru: :)))
[20:10] kihrus.aishiteru: why?
[20:10] kihrus.aishiteru: XD
[20:10] narris.carmilla: wala lang :)
[20:11] kihrus.aishiteru: :D eh kaw?
[20:11] kihrus.aishiteru: XD
[20:12] narris.carmilla: di rin sure eh :)
[20:12] narris.carmilla: pupunta ka ba sa reunion ng anne?
[20:12] kihrus.aishiteru: kelan ba?
[20:12] kihrus.aishiteru: XD
[20:13] narris.carmilla: this october daw ATA eh.


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