School Works

Nothing new happened today. During our Biology class it is not mandatory for you to give cash but mandatory in giving reliefs. The quiz in math and english were both hard. Today a beggar was asking me money, I simply gave her the chips that I had in my pocket. I was afraid then. I don't know why. I lend earl my book "The Risk of Education"  - and after minutes of borrowing it, he threw it to me and it hit my head. I'm t o t a l l y in pain.

We had fun during our shooting in Florante at Laura, and as promised here are some of the pictures in low quality taken from the camera of Angela Soriano. I'm about to call Paola that I won't be able to do the editing for I don't have my photoshop in my current laptop, so I'll tell Angela that she'll do everything plus the editing. I hope that the thomasian students will exemplify good values and conduct tomorrow in the La Naval at Sto. Domingo Parish. We will bring clothes, blankets and lief donations. I'm goi ng to say bye for now cause I will prepare all the clothes that I'm going to donate.

We hired some extra's for our project Geo, Queenie, Bea, Ric and Miguel. 


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